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The Meaning of Sanoytal

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In the language of the indigenous people of the Avon River valley, the word noyt can be translated to English as soul.  Sanoytal™ is the pure and naturally extracted oil from the seeds of the Western Australian sandalwood tree.  The history and properties of Sanoytal™ reveal this amazing oil to be the true soul of sandalwood.

Evidence suggests that the indigenous people of Western Australia have used the seeds of the Western Australian sandalwood tree as an important part of their traditional medicine for tens of thousands of years, far beyond even the ancient traditional use of sandalwood in the Vedic culture of south Asia. However only recently have sustainable supplies of sandalwood nuts become available due to the establishment of the sandalwood plantation sector in Western Australia. WISPER has developed an entirely natural and chemical free process to extract this precious oil and to provide it for use as an ingredient by the world’s finest producers of skin and beauty products. 

The WISPER Group

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The WISPER Group is the preeminent group for investment into plantation grown Australian sandalwood and related value add products. 

Our group has been involved in growing sandalwood in the Wheatbelt region of West Australia since 2001 and has a proven track record in establishing and managing Australian sandalwood plantations on behalf of institutional and HNW investors. 


Sustainable Plantation Resource

WA Sandalwood Plantations owns and manages over 19 million trees grown on 13,000 hectares across the central wheatbelt of Western Australia where sandalwood has naturally occurred for thousands of years.

This resource is fully certified through the Australia Forest Certification Scheme and it is from this resource that WISPER sources sandalwood nuts providing clients with a reliable and sustainable supply of Sanoytal™

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